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  • "Dr. Andy Pierce is a real find!
    While he can fix any problem I have ever brought him, his stress on proactive, preventative actions have solved a painful and lingering back problem that I have lived with for 25 years. During this time, no other chiropractor or doctor was ever able able to help me.

    Unlike so many other chiropractors, Dr. Pierce patiently explains the mechanics of muscle and bone in relation to the problem you are experiencing. Seeing charts and models allows you to visualize exactly what the problem is, and see how Dr. Pierce will accomplish the fix.

    I highly recommend Dr. Pierce as the first medical professional to visit when your body is acting up! He is the man!"
    Stuart Winkelman San Diego, California
  • ""I have always been very skeptical of Chiropractic care. The Chiropractors I had seen in the past seemed to be running patients in and out like a factory-- showing no individualized care or true understanding of applied biomechanics. Dr. Andy put that skepticism to rest as his vast knowledge and thorough, personalized care have helped both me and many of my clients rehab from serious injuries.""
    KYLE BROWN BA, CCN, CSCS, CMTA, NASM Chief Executive Officer
  • ""Dr. Andy helped rehab my injured knee and wrist. In the process, my blood pressure has gone down to normal.""
    Kay Devahastin San Diego, CA
  • ""Dr. Andy helped me improve my coordination.""
    Kef Prasit 13 year old son of Kay
  • ""Dr. Pierce is by far a consummate professional who is always cheerful and extremely professional. My Cycling Coach, Pat Jak recommended that I start seeing Dr. Pierce due to my extensive injuries incurred through a career in the U.S. Navy SEAL's. My entire spine is in need of constant adjustments and after seeing Dr. Pierce for a short time I've learned some preventative measures to strengthenmy core and reduce the number of visits.
    I visited the ER and fortunately nothing was broken. However, I was badly bruised with quite a bit of soft tissue trauma. I was back on my bike in less than 6 weeks and I shattered my personal best time at the Fiesta Island Time Trail by over 45 seconds. Dr. Pierce has superbly aligned my spine and with his youthful appearance is wise beyond his years. I hope that I can live in the San Diego area for the rest of my life because it would be very difficult to replace his invaluable services.""
    D. A. Noel Retired US Navy SEAL
  • "Over three years ago, I suffered a herniated disc in my low back which stopped my training and also made me visit two different surgeons about having surgery. I also suffered a chronic tennis elbow over a year ago. Since visiting Dr. Pierce I have made an incredible recovery, my back feels great, I am pain free, and now run 3-5 times a week, and am lifting weights again. My back an elbow have improved, I am close to 100% fit. Dr. Pierce is so educated, caring, and knowledgeable, I recommend him to everyone I meet through my work as a soccer coach and fitness trainer. He is brilliant!"
    Dave Currie - Personal Trainer/Soccer coach
  • ""I love to play sports, and Dr. Andy keeps me and my children tuned up and free of injury.""
    Patrice Reynolds - Mother of 4!
  • ""As a competitive cyclist, I suffered from a series of hard crashes and never really recovered. Over three years, I had been examined by four orthopedics, two previous chiropractors, and a holistic health practitioner. No one could provide me lasting treatment and most indicated there was nothing they could do for me.

    Luckily, I met Dr. Andrew Pierce who immediately made me feel comfortable with my treatment and helped me get through my injuries. I am now back on the bike and able to train at the highest level again. Each visit he takes the time to explain to me what he is doing, why, and what I can do on my own to aid in my overall wellness until the next time. Plan and simple, I consider his practice and treatment to be the best there is. I wouldn't settle for anything less when it comes to my health and well-being and recommend him to everyone.""
    Pat Jak - Personal Trainer, Cycling Coach-Fitness
  • ""As an RN I have always been skeptical of Chiropractors, but after 6 months of pain from a back injury I explored alternate medical treatment. Dr. Andy Pierce was very professional and caring, he made me feel confident that his treatment could help me. Within a month I was pain free and within 3 months I was back to work, snow skiing, running and lifting weights. I am pain free; Andy Pierce gave me my life back.
    Thank You,"
    Eva Froyd -, RN Carlsbad, CA
  • ""Dr. Andrew Pierce is incredibly knowledgeable about the mechanics of the human body and has taught me so much! Until I met Dr. Pierce, I thought I'd never be able to race again and had almost given up runnung due to multiple hamstring tears. After a few sessions of ART and general chiropractic care, I can't believe what I can do. I feel 10 years younger and look forward to many more years of running-and racing again! I couldn't recommend him more.""
    Vicki King - Carmel Valley, CA
  • ""I have seen over 10 Chiropractors in the last 15 years. Dr. Pierce is the best at extremity adjustments and targeting the right spots for the adjustments.""
    Greg Gossler
  • ""Dr. Pierce is compassionate and an amazingly intuitive practitioner who listens to his patients. He has earned my complete trust!""
    Jill Jones
  • ""I've been on disability for almost one year now. I've tried physical therapy, massage, accupuncture, and this Dr. Pierce, by far, has helped me more than anybody else has. I used to be scared of chiropractors, but it took someone of his level of expertise to make me feel comfortable, and really enjoy the experience. I'd recommend him to all.""
    Patrick Schmit
  • ""Dr. Pierce worked wonders--after 6 months of painful walking on my foot, I am pain free - yea! Now I can get back to my beach walks in the morning.""
    Carole Vendetti
  • ""I was referred to Dr. Pierce by my massage therapist, Kim Hollinger who has been helping me for a year now, since my car accidents. I was having trouble with my shoulder and plantar fasciitis. I never thought my foot would get better but thanks to Dr. Pierce I am pain free and have a new knowledge of the foot! My shoulder is still on the mend and Dr. Pierce's ART treatments are giving me hope! My favorite part of the treatments is the knowledge of the body that Dr. Pierce imparts to me and how well he "hears" me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!""
    Lisa Bebieff

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